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Starkey Cares Program

The Venice Lions Club brings alive a program to assist community members in obtaining hearing aids for those with hearing loss.  Hearing screenings are held monthly in conjunction with the Venice and Englewood Lions Vision-Screening and Eye Care Program.  A big thank you to the providers who participate in our program!

What are the eligibility criteria for the hearing program?

The income qualifications are listed on the application from the Starkey Cares program and start at $27,180/year for a single individual and go up to $93,260/year for a family of eight. Significant assets in other forms may also effect eligibility. These would include checking accounts, money markets, stocks/bonds, savings accounts, etc.

Do I get back the $300.00 application fee if they turn me down?

If you meet the qualification guidelines you will not be turned down. If you do not qualify you will not be approved and the application fee will be returned.

What do I get for $300.00?

An audiological evaluation to determine the hearing loss, an appropriate fitting for you by a hearing professional, and one or two new hearing aids from a well known manufacturer.  Also included are follow up exams and service by the hearing professional who fit you.

What if I cannot afford the application fee?

On a case by case basis the Lions Club or the Lions District will help with the application fee.

What do I have to do to get hearing aids?

Fill out the Starkey Cares application. Obtain six-months of bank statements. Get a hearing test from one of the providers on the Lions list. Send the application, statements, test, and payment of $300.00 (will cover one or two hearing aids) to the Starkey Cares Program. Your local Lions can direct you to a hearing provider who should be able to help with most questions.

What if I do not qualify for the Starkey Cares Program?

The hearing professional can provide discounted hearing aid pricing on an as needed basis or direct you to other assistance such as Medicaid or Vocational Rehabilitation as appropriate.

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